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4080 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 320
Chantilly VA 20151


Email: Info@SouthRidingAcupuncture.com
"I went to Firefly Acupuncture for infertility. My husband and I failed three previous cycles of IVF and other interventions over the course of two years. I was exhausted, sad and frustrated! I made an appointment with Rachal (online, how easy is that?!) and within 3 months I was pregnant. We were amazed and so very happy! Rachal helped us to make our family and lives complete and we will be forever grateful!
I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and also post partum. Wonderful experience and miraculous outcome!"
-Katie B.
“Thank you for seeing me last week and showing me how acupuncture can help relieve my arthritis pain in my thumbs and knees, also my lower back pain due to surgery. I was skeptical that this sort of procedure would work as I have heard about it, but never tried it. After my session I can report that I had less pain especially in my back, a small miracle.” 
 – John N.
“When you treated me two weeks ago I was experiencing swelling at the surgical site where I had abdominal surgery two years ago, this swelling has drastically diminished. You also treated my sacrum which was bruised from a riding accident; I am now running without pain.” 
- Emily F
“I saw Rachal for work-related repetitive strain injuries. She has a very comforting bedside manner and is a fantastic acupuncturist and herbologist. I recommend her services highly for anyone in the D.C. or Northern Virginia region.” 
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert 
“I’m very grateful, Ms. Snyder for the help you gave me with your magic needles. I feel so much better. Much more calm and serene. I wish all my friends would go to you and have a few sessions for their aches and pains. Thank you again.” 
-Marine Zagoreos
"Rachal Lohr-Dean is an amazing acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner!  
I have had food sensitivities and intestinal problems ever since I came down with a severe case of mononucleosis when I was sixteen (I am now 32 yrs old). In addition, I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and due to this condition I was having constant joint and back pain.  
When I went to Rachal for the first time, my low back was inflamed to the point that I couldn't walk. After my first two acupuncture sessions, my back inflammation totally subsided. Rachal proceeded to prescribe me a customized formula of Chinese herbs. These herbs have been a miracle!!! The herbs have healed my digestive system and cured me of my chronic constipation. Within a month and a half of taking the herbs, I lost 12 pounds without exercise! Also, because of both the acupuncture sessions and the herbs, my energy has dramatically improved and my severe premenstrual symptoms (stabbing cramps, feverishness, painfully swollen breasts) have been greatly reduced. Rachal explained to me that the inflammation in my body from my ailments was causing me to gain weight and retain it. The herbs addressed the root cause of the inflammation and then the weight came off like water and stayed off. Likewise, the herbs have alleviated my chronic joint and low back pain. "
-- Liza R. 
I received two recommendations from medical professionals to visit Rachal. Initially I discounted the notion. I do not like needles and was wary. However my ailments continued and I decided why not try it. Best decision I have made in a long time. Rachal talked me though the process, made sure I was at ease and before I knew it I was needled and wondering what I was worried about. In my first one hour session I dozed off 3 times. Talk about relaxing. My health has improved and I am now a regular patient. I would highly recommend Rachal. 
--Mike L.
Thank You for Your Praise
Contact Information 

20600 Gordon Park Square #130
Ashburn VA 20147 


Email: Info@FireflyAcuandWellness.com